Turnaround or growth, it's getting your people focused on the goal that is still the job of leadership.” - Anne M. Mulcahy, Former Chairperson and CEO Xerox Corporation

"Kevin has been wonderful helping me think outside the box and giving me ideas to get my business on track and, most of all, helping me to keep a positive attitude throughout the issues we've all had during the pandemic. I highly recommend reaching out to him if you have a business and need assistance!" - Michele (Aerie Lane)

"I made a business goal for 2020 to become a business owner and not just another 'employee'. I decided to try ActionCOACH. Coach Kevin has helped me completely turn my staff around in a short period of time, by not only attending my staff meeting, but supplying me with the tools I needed to be a GREAT leader. I am able to focus 'ON' the business instead of IN the business. It has set my business on a path to surpass the goals I had set for myself. Kevin has tools for every single issue or problem I encounter. He has turned me into a real business owner that evaluates every aspect of my business operations. Thank you Coach Kevin!" - DaShaun (SlimFit Beauty)

"I highly recommend Coach Kevin and the ActionCOACH program! Kevin is very knowledgeable, personable and caring, and is backed by 20 plus years of business and leadership experience. This is the time to reach out to Kevin for new strategies to be successful in this new time" - Cynthia (Lash Lounge)

"I've known Kevin Mills personally for a number of years now and have worked with him and the ActionCOACH approach professionally since the beginning of the year. He is a man of the highest integrity and character and he has absolutely helped me refine some things on a number of fronts with my businesses. Every business owner has blind spots. The ActionCOACH approach helps you identify your blind spots, develop practical solutions and systems to address them, and link your progress to your personal and professional goals. Highly recommend!" - Chris (Wootton Financial)

"I have been working with Kevin for weeks now and it's been nothing short of incredible. I didn't realize how much I needed a mentor/coach until I started working with ActionCOACH and Kevin Mills. While the skills, and expertise he brings are definite difference makers, the accountability function he serves for me personally has been awesome. I wish I wouldn't have resisted having a coach until now because I'm sure I would be that much closer to the dreams and goals I've always had. The good news is, with Kevin's help, I'm on my way there!" - Scott (William & Hill, LLC)

"Coach Kevin Mills is awesome ! In addition to the MANY business coaching options, he is a genuinely giving guy who has went out of his way during the stay home order to help business owners cope, thrive and survive. He has offered at no charge many coaching sessions just to help keep our business community focused and moving forward. I would like to personally thank him and ActionCOACH. Not your average business coach for sure!" - Mike (TTI Technology)

"Coach Kev is awesome! I was able to meet with him before lock down and now have the pleasure of working with him. I am super happy to be working with ActionCOACH through this time of crisis. Coach Kevin has kept me accountable and focused. I have no doubt that he and ActionCOACH will help make my small one-person business into a growing brand," - Bria (Diverse Lashes)

"I’ve been working with Coach Kevin for a many months now and have enjoyed his solid business coaching insights. Aside from holding me accountable to look at my numbers regularly, I’ve learned how to approach business with a test and measure mindset, always looking for the data to support (or not support) my decisions. When I express challenges, Kevin is quick to look into the ActionCOACH toolbox and offer new ways or different perspectives that adds value to my business." - Rick (9Round Fitness)

"Kevin Mills is our business coach at Wise Capital Partners and he has done such a tremendous job. We're so happy to have him on our team and very impressed with the advice that he brings to the table. We look forward to keep working with Coach K and we're very excited about the future! Highly recommend if you're trying to grow and evolve your business!" - Chris (Wise Capital Partners)

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